Robust, significant, and abundant semi-longing hair. Agile, fast, and skilled hunter. This is the loving Siberian cat, a friendly Pussycat, and that also will conquer you with their intelligence. You more details about this animal from cold Russia, he knew going earning himself a place in the world of domestic cats lovers.

A cat emerged from Russian and Ukrainian forests

Like the Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian part of the so-called “forest cats.” They are breeds that have a thick, thick coat and also waterproof. This condition allowed them to survive in cold climates from which they come.

And the Pussycat in question seems to have its origins in the vast forested regions of Russia and Ukraine. Many consider the result of the intersection between the cat and the European wildcat forests of Siberia.

However, since the time of the tsars is no record that these animals were busy keeping rodents free human residences of that vast country.

Meet the Siberian, Pussycat, an original Russian and Ukrainian forests. In recent times, he was able to draw the attention of cat lovers worldwide.

Some physical characteristics of the Siberians

Among the physical aspects of these lovely kitties, include :

  • Size: medium to large.
  • Weight: 6 to 10 kilos males and between 3.5 and 7 females.
  • Compact and solid.
  • Muscular, medium length with rounded ends and legs. And with tufts of hair between the toes.
  • The tail of medium size, with plenty of hair, rounded tip, and broader at the base.
  • Several except chocolate, cinnamon, lilac, and fawn colors. The variant colored point of Siberians is called Neva Masquerade.
  • Broadheads, medium-sized, and rounded contours.
  •  Large and slightly oblique, well-spaced eyes.
  • You round ears pointed, inclined slightly forward and with well-developed hairs on the inside.

Aside from the fur of this significant mining mention. It has a thick shag, both the belly and the back of the hind limbs. The hair is longer on the neck, chest, back legs, and tail. And thick and shiny on its back, sides, and top of the tail. 

However, in summer, you can lose much of their fur to look like a short-haired cat.

Know the personality of these native forests Pussycats Russia

Despite being quiet and affectionate, the Siberian cat can not be considered submissive animals. And this detail usually always grateful for people who admire domestic cats. Because this feature does not remove, that is also a communicative and knows Pussycat get along very well with children and pets.

His wild past in cold Asian forests makes it very active. If you provide places to climb, toys ability hunting and exits to the garden will undoubtedly be a happy pet.

These friendly and playful animals also are very actual with humans. And as the excellent cat knows how to get what you want from them. Of course, you do not like to stay too long alone. So take this into account if you plan to take one Meows plugin of this race.

A robust, healthy and hypoallergenic feline

Another good news regarding the Siberian is a healthy animal, which has no significant health problems. This is because of the natural selection race through the centuries.

Yes, you should take care to brush your hair to prevent knots from forming, especially in the area of ​​the belly.

And if you want to keep adding points when choosing a Siberian cat as a pet, it says this fact: it is hypoallergenic.  It is that, despite the density of the fur, in their saliva, minimal amounts of protein are causing allergy.

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