American Bobtail cat

How many breeds of cats know? Surely many, but we assure you that there are still many more. Today I want to talk about the American Bobtail cat. Do you already know what animal are you talking about? No idea? Well, stay with us and find out!

What you need to know about the American Bobtail cat

History and origin

It is not a very entrenched history of this cat. He was present in America since the Bobtail Japanese so was, but it was not until the 60s when it was given importance.

Apparently, the American Bobtail cat came from a cross between a mottled male color with a short tail and a Siamese female with fur seals. Although the background of the male is not available, it seems that it is a hybrid domestic cat by the shape of its tail.

Later they mingled with Burmese, Siamese, and Himalayas. Thus he appeared the first American Bobtail cat breeder, who did not have an easy task, as the race suffered constant setbacks.

However, by the mid-80s, he decided to leave the essence of the American Bobtail cat, which consisted of a cat with a short tail, long legs, and hair and white face.

Today still allowed to cross with domestic cats to maintain healthy genes.

physical features

His body is long, semi robusto, like a rectangle, and thick. His chest is broad and strong and very pronounced hips, almost on par with his chest. His legs back are longer than the front, and your feet will always be big and round.

One of its most striking features is its tail, which is usually three times less than that of a standard cat. He will always be stiff but is articulated, so you can double or might even appear to be tied.

Supported colors are not defined, any valid is smooth, mottled, or tabby.

His eyes will present an almond shape with a size that goes in harmony with the head and angled open ears. Depending on the color of your hair, so will the tone of his eyes.

Their ears are wide at the base and taper outwards, medium-sized, and shaped similar to those of the lynx.

The character of the race

This cat is playful, affectionate, friendly, and energetic. Not as independent as other races, and easy to train because of their immense intelligence. They say they are able to overcome their intelligence to the great Houdini.

They do not ask for much attention, but I love to be with humans. If we measure your activity level 1 to 10, for example, the Persian would be in the 1, and this Bobtail could classify the 8. Imagine what it’s moved! This will be something to consider if you plan to adopt one.

They love affection and cuddles and always demand they see fit. With children take great and are great friends of dogs. The myth is over “as the dog and cat”!

General care

It is not a complicated cat, but we must emphasize brushing her hair once a week to remove dead hair. A balanced diet is essential to maintaining your overall health, education, and a loving but firm at the same time. This is because of their high intelligence. He could climb to the head if we do not show what the place in the home and family is.

Have you taken a good note to see if this is the cat you were looking for? Just remember that it is very active but certainly ideal for a pet.

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