Breeds shorthair cats

If you are looking for an ideal pet to adopt and want a partner who does not need much care or attention, certainly the shorthairs are an excellent choice. Because of their independence, cats are perfect for people who are not home much. And if that is compounded by the fact that some breeds do not require too much maintenance, they become perfect beings. Learn more in the following article.

What breeds of shorthair cats there?

Of the approximately 25 breeds of cats with short hair, we’ll tell you about some of them:

1. Russian Blue

Medium-sized and short hair (double layer) of silver, is a cat that is distinguished from others by their intelligence and affection. He loves contact with people. It has high ears, prominent mustache, and no form hairballs. It emerged in northern Russia and is one of the oldest breeds.

2. Bengali

This hybrid feline was created by crossing a domestic cat with a leopard cat in the United States. It’s like having a wild cat but a small home because of his brindle coat. It is a muscular and robust animal with a thick tail, small ears, and short, thick, and soft mantle. It’s a great swimmer, a strange quality for a cat. It may be hyperactive and playful.

3. Devon Rex

It is one of the breeds of cats with short hair, but in this case, with soft curls. He was born in the English town of Devon, has large ears, oval eyes, and a small head. It is a loving pet that emits a soft meow. It is always vigilant and attentive. The mantle is usually yellow.

4. Manx

One of the qualities of this breed is that it has no tail (only has a small tail attached to the back) due to a natural mutation. This original cat Man Islands (Great Britain), was very popular about 300 years ago. Usually white with black, gray, or brown spots.

It prefers quiet environments. It is not at all shy; he likes the attention from their owners and fits seamlessly into any home environment. If you have access to the outside, they will come to light their hunters’ instincts.

5. Ocicat

Its name derives from “Ocelot” and “Cat” because it has a short hair coat mottled like that wild feline. Race emerged in the United States after the cross between a Siamese and Siamese-Abyssinian. It is not very popular in Europe and is a pet strong, wild-looking, big nose, big ears, muscular legs, and long, thin tail.

The Ocicat is playful, curious, active, and dominant with other cats. The coat is easy to maintain because it requires only regular brushing.

6. Cortijo

The original name is Chartreux, and is a native cat of France, although their ancestors come from Turkey and Iran, of coppery orange and blue eyes and short hair. The Chartreux is a very popular cat on French soil and is very similar to the Russian Blue. It is a quiet, quiet, quiet animal, devoted to his owners, playful and very curious. His favorite pastime is sleeping.

7. Japanese Bobtail

Other breeds of shorthair cats that draws attention for its small tail similar to that of a rabbit. Iconic in Japanese folklore, are quite popular throughout Southeast Asia. His coat is soft, smooth, and silky, wavy, something at the tips. This cat is quite active, outgoing, curious, and loves to explore everything at night. He does not like loneliness.

8. Cornish Rex

A native of Cornwall (South West), this cat is slender and elegant appearance, though quite muscular. It is covered by a soft wavy hair. He is of medium height, has large rounded ears, medium, and light eyes, thin tail, and coat can be of all colors.

Other short-haired cats are Abyssinian, British, European Burmese, Burmilla, German Rex, Korat, Egyptian Mau, Sokoke, and Singapore.

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