Burmese cat

Perhaps you have not heard Burmese cat, but if you say it is a cat, as a rule, white with blue eyes, did you already know what kind are you talking about? Would you like to know more about this beautiful animal? Well, stay with us!

Let’s see what information we have about the Birman cat. Here the show.

Meet the Burmese cat

History and origin of the Sacred Cat of Burma

Burmese cat it pursues a legend that seems to explain its origin. It is said that many hundreds of years of Khmer people built a temple that would be used to worship a goddess gold with sapphire eyes called Tsun-Kyan-Kse.

The priest who looked after the temple was called Mun-Ha and spent much time in front of the goddess, kneeling next to Sinh, the cat temple. One night, assailants killed Mun-Ha. Sinh stood over him but did not remove his gaze from the golden goddess. As she was doing, her hair turned into gold, sapphire blue eyes, and legs acquired the color of the earth.

The legend goes on to say that all cats of the temple suffered the same transformation, and when Sinh died, just seven days after the priest’s soul to paradise was.

How came the Burmese cat to Europe

Apparently, a priest handed a pair of these cats some English travelers, to thank him had saved his life once. Unfortunately, the male died on the trip, although the female was pregnant.

The first copies of the Sacred Cat of Burma, who were in Europe were observed in France, where he was recognized as a breed in 1925. After World War II, the breed almost disappeared, because only he was a partner, and although cost, it could take forward the Burmese cat.

physical features

  • Size. Medium size but with strong composition
  • Head. It is wide and strong, without being neither too round or too pointy
  • Eyes. Large round sapphire and somewhat oblique
  • Body. Elongated and because of its strong composition, we could say it’s light heavyweight
  • Cola. It is of medium length, but with dense hair very long
  • Hair. Semilong with a silky texture
  • Colors. Accepted colors for the Burmese cat is white to cream with a golden tone somewhat on the back, and always the ends of the legs are white. Or stained darker colors are not accepted as pedigreed

The character of Sacred cat Burma

Despite the fame of independents who have cats, the Burmese cat is very outgoing and very easy to domesticate. A pussycat in which you can trust and calm character. All those who have one define them as loving, loyal, and good companions.

Cats are not one person, and when seeking pampering, if they do not find someone, they will look for another. 

Always come when you call and displayed loving and tender. They are moderately active, so maybe you should help them do some exercise through games.

Something that characterizes them is that they maintain eye contact with their owners, a rare virtue in the animal world. In fact, the Burmese cat is compared more with dogs than cats.

Special care and health

You should care for your daily brushing hair, although it will not require more care than that.

Good to know that often suffer, some specimens, an alteration of a gene that affects the optic nerve, and also for other reasons, may also suffer from cataracts.

Are you already thinking about adopting a Sacred Burmese cat as a pet? Then do it! You will not regret it.

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