Burmilla cat

The cat is an animal that, over time, has been mixed with different species of felines, and hence, different races have emerged, many of whom do not know. Maybe others have seen, but we do not know to give them a name. You know the Burmilla cat? Do not? Well, let us know!

Burmilla cat, all you need to know


The origin of this cat is positioned in the UK. The first specimens of the breed emerged from the union between a lilac Burmese cat and a Persian cat chinchilla. Hence its name, Burmilla. This happened in 1981, so it is a relatively new breed. When the first cats were born of this union, breeders could not resist them and wanted to promote the species.

They endure for the species genetic testing began with the best of each breed to get the perfect cat, the Burmilla cat we know today. He received official recognition by the International Federation Felina until 1994.

Features Burmilla cat

This is a cat of medium, muscular, and elegant porte size. His back is straight, and your chest has a rounded shape. Has thin and long legs, paradoxically they stand out for their strength.

The base of the tail is wide and tapers outwardly, and cover long hair with a rounded tip. An interesting feature is a kind of letter ‘m’ that seems to have on his forehead. His head is triangular in shape, wider at the top and narrows down.

Burmilla cat’s eyes are large, almond-shaped, with outlined in black that highlights enormously over the green color of your iris. This will always be the color of your eyes, regardless of the tone.

Regarding his hair, there are two ways this cat, one short hair, and other long hair. Which has short hair that has stuck to the body and is very lush, while moderately long hair is long and does not consist of ‘double coat.’ The admitted colors are blue, black, chocolate, lilac, red, or cream. Always it is very bright and smooth hair that attracts to pet him.

Burmilla cat character

This cat stands out as being very playful and has a great capacity to adapt both to any environment and any person or pet. They are sociable, and happiness is based on being surrounded by people or animals and share games.

His personality is sweet, loving, and affectionate. You will always be looking for your pampering and will always respond to your needs by giving them. Cuddles, games, hugs, and caresses always are welcomed by this cat.

They are not aggressive, and if something excels in them, it is their intelligence and energy level. Burmilla cat is different from other cats, you know, it will not be sleeping twelve hours as others, but always want to be active at all times. This intelligence will prove willing to communicate with you or with family members all the time.

Special care Burmilla cat

Not a cat gets sick easily or has genetic diseases or known age. You only need a good diet with all exercise sessions some necessary nutrients and.

As for their fur are convenient several weekly brushing to remove dead hair, and this continues to shine for long. Their ears are something you have to check and frequently clean to avoid infections such as otitis how common in cats.

Burmilla cat, you see, is a different cat, little independent and overly affectionate. It has all the advantages of a cat and a dog at a time. What more can you ask for a pet? Are you already thinking of it as your new partner?

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