Calico Cat

99.9% of females the calico cat has a fur with a characteristic color of three colors: black and white, orange. Patterns are random and can be born of parents of different shades. Learn more about this condition in the following article.

Calico Cat: What to Know

Believe it or not, 1 in 3000 tricolors Gatos is male, and only 1 in 10,000 is fertile. This means they are almost always females and presenting cells with two X chromosomes. The orange color in cats is due to a gene located on the X chromosome. The only way that is black and white tones in the coat is two X chromosomes containing (or what is the same, it female).

Now the X chromosome resulting in tricolor hair can come from both mother and father (males have XY chromosomes). The colors black and orange are present on the X chromosome, and white is in the S gene, which can vary between more or less clear areas.

Females have two X chromosomes, so their offspring can spend black and orange colors. Males, having only one X chromosome, may bequeath them black or orange, but never both. It is worth saying that the Y chromosome is not tied to any particular color, and is only responsible for determining sex.

Also, the genes can be dominant (more significant influence or force) or recessive (against a dominant remain hidden). In the case of cat calico, the “combination” would be given by orange and an orange dominant gene recessive gene.

When can a male be calico?

This occurs very rarely, and conditions can be:

  • Genetic defect: the presence of more than two sex chromosomes. If you have XXY will be tricolor and at the same time, sterile.
  • Somatic Mutation: A male cat with orange polka dots similar to black spots on people.
  • Chimeras: when the cat comes from eggs fertilized by different sperm.
  • Hermaphroditism: in the case of females, copies during fetal development had a hormonal imbalance.

You must keep in mind that a male calico suffers from Klinefelter syndrome and that not only makes them sterile but also cause various health problems, including genital deformities, brain damage, or organ failure. Usually, they do not live long, and if they do, they need much care and treatments.

Legends about these cats

Because of the rarity of his garment since ancient times (there are traces of tricolors catlike in Ancient Egypt ), they have wanted to bestow magical powers calico cat. For example, one Japanese sailor took their boats to protect themselves from storms and scare ghosts.

The central legend regarding this coat comes from the year 1100 in the monasteries of Tibet, were always there were misunderstandings and disagreements. Everyone felt a deep discomfort because they could not live together in harmony.

The three monks of the most famous temples began to fast to find the necessary wisdom and enlightenment to solve the problem. The other day at the monastery gate came to a tricolor cat with her three cubs, all-female calico like her. This was welcomed as a sign from heaven and devoted themselves to care for them.

At the next meeting, the religious concluded that the colors of the kittens were symbols: the black and white representing the Yin and Yang (opposing forces), and orange were the land and home. Therefore, they should overcome differences. The newborn was also charged with meaning: they are new, change, and unity.

Moreover, in Ireland, it is believed that if during May rub the tail of a calico cat in a wart, this will fall in minutes.

And besides, the so famous “lucky cat” or Maneki-Neko Japan is based on a calico. It is widely used in stores and in homes to attract good fortune. The figure has a hand raised in a signal called.

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