The collar is an important accessory for a dog. In fact, it allows us to take it for a walk with us without the danger that it may escape. Choose the best dog collar for walking.

This is why choosing the right collar is not a trivial matter; it must have particular characteristics, which may vary according to the breed of the animal or its nature.

A collar must first and foremost be strong, to prevent it from breaking while walking your dog. For this, it must be suitable for the size of the dog.

A small dog should have a light collar, as one that is too heavy could cause physical problems or irritation.

Conversely, a large dog will need a sturdy collar to prevent it from breaking easily. It must then bear the dog’s identification name and telephone number, in case it gets lost.

Remember that the collar should not be too tight around the neck to avoid breathing problems, dermatitis, or hair loss in that area. In particular, check that there are two fingers of space between the collar and the dog’s neck.

It doesn’t even have to be too wide otherwise the dog will risk taking off the collar while you are taking him for a walk, this can be very dangerous, imagine if he gets free and runs in the middle of the road! There are several models of dog collars, you just have to buy the perfect one for your four-legged friend.

It is essential that the dog gets used to wearing the collar from a puppy because it is a very important accessory that creates a sort of connection with the owner. In fact, the latter through the collar and subsequently the leash will be able to take your dog for a walk in the best way.

Walking the dog without a collar and leash is very dangerous! Fido can end up under a car or cause an accident because maybe he simply indulged his instincts by following an animal he met on the street.

In education, the collar can also emulate the behavior that the mother of puppies usually has, which is to control them by taking them by the scruff.

When you make your dog wear the collar for the first time, he may be very annoyed, give him time to get used to this novelty. Above all, do not make the moment traumatic, on the contrary, make sure to distract him from the collar, reward him with some dog biscuits or play with it.

Make him wear it gradually in such a way as to give the trust time to get used to it and to recognize it as a harmless object, after which use it constantly. The same is true for an adult dog that has not been used to the collar.

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