Oriental cat

There are hundreds of breeds of cats, and each more unique. Some love us, others we do not like anything, stop each has its audience. As they say, “for taste, colors.” Today we talk about one of those races that, or you like or not, no half measures. We refer to the oriental cats.

All you need to know about oriental cat

Know more about this peculiar race, aroused the passions of many. Surely it is, at least, an original and different race than many others that you know.

History and origin

This cat has its roots in Thailand. It is also known as abroad, although it is not clear why this. Many thought it was a Siamese until they realized that their differences outweighed the similarities.

Although at first, this cat was not very successful, today, 50% of them in Bangkok are of this breed. However, in 1920, they came the first copies to Britain. However, the preference was for the Siamese, and it was not until 1950 when some breeders began to study the possibility of developing the oriental race.

For 1968, breeders Americans also became interested in the oriental cat. All this culminated in the 70s so that either a recognized breed.

physical features

Their size is medium, and its body is slender and elegant. However, it is durable and fibrous, but never have the hips wider than shoulders.

His head is well proportioned to the body, although his skull has a convex shape. Its snout is narrow, and the neck is long and thin.

His ears are undoubtedly its most excellent feature, as they are large and pointed. We remind the famous Egyptian cat. The tips should never be inclined forward or backward.

Their legs are long and thin, with small oval-shaped feet. His tail is long and thin and short fur, but smooth, bright, and beautiful.

Colors are permitted with or without spots, or with or without shadows in black, blue, chocolate, red, cream and tan colors. These are the main ones, but there are at least 12 more admitted bicolor, brindle, and shading colors.


The shares personality considerably with the Siamese, an animal known for being active and having a temper. If cats are inherently very independent, this is even more so. It is more curious than usual, so you need constant mental stimulation to prevent boredom.

This is perhaps one of the reasons that have a high tendency to play, and so it is amicable. She loves to express themselves with other cats and humans through vocalization, allowing you to have good relations with others. Of course, whenever he wants.

It is very stable and always shows poise, even in adversity. Shown is stealthy and affectionate, but as we said before when you want. But whenever that is, they seek your company and your pampering.

His voice is more powerful than other known cats, something to be seen since he is a puppy. It is an outdoor animal, but fits well into a house, only that it may have to take a walk.

This is all we wanted to share with you on these beautiful animals, quirky, but one more example of the beautiful things that nature has to offer. If you are looking for a loving and independent, quiet, and gentle companion, an oriental cat will be your ideal pet.

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