Pets and cold

The cold comes, and it is necessary to be well informed on how to protect our pets from the lowest temperatures. We tell you how in this article.

Race, hair, and cold

Cold resistance that will have your furry friend will depend much on race and type of coat. The breeds indigenous to colder countries are more prepared to face low temperatures and are therefore more resistant. Among these, we find the cat and the Siberian husky, Balinese cat, and malamute Alaska. It is their color with dense fur that protects them, with often the existence of an undercoat, which makes it waterproof, allowing them to cold resistance but also to rain and even snow. Some breeds like the Doberman or basset hound have short hair, so it is not recommended to expose them to very low temperatures.


While it is true that some dogs or cats are naturally equipped with a good coat, others need extra protection during the coldest days of the year. A good trick is to know the place of origin of the breed of your pet and to be guided by the original climate and the climate where you live. If your dog is not prepared to face the winter in your area, you can offer him a coat like this Collar we like a lot because of its practicality and quality. As for cats because they usually live in and are not going to walks, it is not very common to see them dressed, which does not mean they did not want to go snuggle in a warm place to spend the winter as in the basket cave Trixie, so inviting at first glance.


During the winter, the body of your furry friend will need enough calories, not only for its daily operation but also to maintain a temperature suitable for the season. It may be that at this time of year, your pet may need to consume more calories, making always taken attention to harmful weight for his health. Remember always to choose good quality kibble. It may be necessary to bring a food supplement with vitamins.

Outdoor pets

It’s a good idea to ask your veterinarian if your pet can spend the winter outdoors. It is clear that if it is a large dog or giant breed, do not you may have no choice but to make him sleep outside. In this case, we advise you to buy her a niche as one of Ferplast that will offer him better protection against the cold and warm soil, because the niche is mounted on feet and has an excellent ventilation system that avoids odors and bacteria, with wooden insulation to withstand cold and heat.

The cold and seniors pets

Pets seniors often tend to suffer from joint problems, and they are growing when temperatures are low. In winter, it may be that your pet is aging more difficult to move or can no longer stand-alone or walk. It was also at this stage of their life that his immune system is no longer on top, and it is more likely to catch colds, colds, and other respiratory problems typical of the cold season.

Tips for caring for your pet

  • It is not advisable to do the groom during the coldest time of the year. Unless you’re forced (e) make for some health reason, limit the appointment to the groomer for purely aesthetic purposes.
  • If your pet is not prepared to face the lower temperatures and if you have the opportunity to do it, let him spend the winter indoors and limit yourself to get him out during the hours more temperate day.
  • Warning chimneys, stoves, radiators, and all heat sources that may pose a risk to your pet. Remember, it is covered with hair, and the fire is dangerous. Protect the sparks and never leave it unattended near heaters.
  • Pay close attention to puppies, which, when they have not yet completed their immunization schedule, are more likely to get sick.
  • Always keep a comfortable temperature in your home, even when you are not there and that your pet is left alone. Remember that heating methods make the drier air, which is why we recommend you to put a humidifier or water containers in the house.
  • If your cat sleeps near the place where you park your car, it is important that you know that cats were looking engine heat, and it is important to take a look under the hood before starting the engine.

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