The essential points on maintenance of the cat’s coat

As a crumpled coat, the coat of a cat with no proper maintenance is not pretty. In contrast, a well untangled and clean dress makes it its charm. It must indeed give time for maintenance of the cat and its coat, especially during the moulting period. Besides the aesthetics, maintenance of cat hair is also beneficial to their well-being.

Get rid of dead hair

Cats lose hair every day, but there are nevertheless an exceptional period when the fall is considerable: the moulting period. It happens twice a year, in spring and fall, including replacement of the thick coat or end, depending on the season. There may also be a great hair loss in cats pregnant and infected fleas. All the dead hair must be removed by frequent brushing. The dead hair no longer used for the cat, on the contrary, it is a haven for fleas. With regular brushing, regrowth is stimulated.

Special cases of hair loss

If you notice that the hair falls are not seasonal, it is necessary to study the origin to treat your cat’s coat. In addition, the massive loss of hair can also be caused by parasites and their bites that often causes allergies responsible for the fall. If you notice that her dress is dull and finer, it could also be a sign of a nutritional deficiency. Finally, anxious or stressed state can also occasionally cause a hair loss.

Maintenance of hair

The owner must often look after the maintenance of the cat and coat to preserve its well-being. Furthermore, antiparasitic treatments should be made to prevent hair fall caused by fleas or mange. The coat should be as properly cleaned and brushed. A shampoo for should be done twice a year and at most once a week. The coat should regularly be unraveled by brushing. This will also avoid creating knots and choking the cat.

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