The heat in dogs and cats

Among the phrases that generally surprised most masters of a first dog or cat first, it is the first heat. Do not be surprised and talking about their phases, their symptoms, and their signals.

What are the hot female dogs and cats?

The heat corresponds to the period when our females are receptive to the projection and go free for reproduction. They correspond to a hormonal process governed by the production of progesterone and estrogen, which in addition to generating changes in their body and behavior, disrupts males who are in the area, either physically or psychologically. 

Know in-depth the process, its phases, and symptoms will help you want or not; you have a girlfriend hairy reach. 

Since the purpose of this change is precisely the reproduction, your furry friend will do anything to find a male who could mount; and if you have a male and that there is a female in heat in the area, he will do everything to go find her. 

The first heat in dogs and cats

In both cases, the first heat arriving at the time of sexual maturity.

But the time difference depends on the breed, or more precisely, the size of the animal. Sexual maturity is intimately linked to its physical development and weight as an adult. 

Therefore, for small breeds like Teacup, microphones, or Chihuahuas can reach sexual maturity between 6 and 12 months, medium and large breeds like Pit Bull Terrier and Cocker Spaniel, 7 to 13 months and breeds giant such as Fila Brasileiro or St. Bernard, between 16 and 24 months.

As for cats, they come into heat generally between 6 and 9 months when they reached 2.5 kilograms. Their diet, climate, and even the light intensity they receive daily will have a direct impact on their reproductive cycle…

Although there is the possibility of a pregnancy in the early heats for both species, it is not recommended because their body is just trying to acclimate to hormonal changes that occur during this period.

A pregnancy from the first heat compromise for life physical and psychological aspects of our animal, causing effects and adverse effects in the development of this process, because her body is not yet prepared to support these major physiological changes.

Ideally, both in female dogs than in cats is to let them have their heat once or twice before the first projection to avoid such drawbacks.

Duration of estrus

In bitches, they last about three weeks and are manifested in different phases of change. 

  • The first phase or proestrus, lasts 12 days on average, during which this female of hemorrhagic vulvar losses and increased sociability and responsiveness vis-à-vis males. 
  • Oestrus lasts about nine days corresponding to the phase where the female agrees to be mounted.
  • The diestrus occurs when there is fertilization, and the dog begins gestation.
  • And finally the anoestrus, which starts at the end of gestation until the next proestrus. 
  • If we note the date of the first heat of our dog, it will be easy to provide the following because it is a single estrous mammal that comes into heat once or twice a year. There are even breeds such as the Basenji, who heats with the seasonal reproductive cycle beginning each fall.
  • As for cats, the duration of this cycle varies according to race, and thus, the number of days mentioned is only an average.
  • The proestrus marks the beginning of reconciliation with the opposite sex without let up. During this phase, our cat began to issue more acute meowing than usual, and the vulva becomes swollen. This will take one to two days.
  • Then the cat has similar behavior to that of the previous point, but more intense. Stronger and more frequent mowing with the largest demonstrations of affection towards males and to ourselves. This is due to the urgent desire for mating. This phase will last between 4 and 6 days in case of coupling, and between 10 and 14 days if it does not.

In addition, the behavior of the cat during this phase increases gradually over days, and that’s what usually scares masters living it for the first time.

  • The meta-estrus or rejection phase is when the cat starts to behave in a more aggressive and rejection towards males seeking to go unnoticed. This is the shortest phase lasting at most 24 hours.
  • And finally, is the anestrus phase rest of the heat period to another. The duration varies according to climatic factors, food, and depending on the species; this is the time when we can proceed with the sterilization of the cat.

Because of these variations, it is difficult to know in advance the start of the next cycle in cats; that is why it is very important to know your pet and note behaviors “unusual.”   

How to prepare

Considering the symptoms, bitches show their reproductive cycle in a physical way and pussies, psychological way.

By being aware of this, when you notice that your female is coming into heat, it is important to restrict its outputs.

For dogs, it is necessary to remove the leash and off-peak hours, and maybe they buy panties for that period. For cats, it should be monitored closely because they have a greater tendency to escape that can surprise us. And in both cases, remain calm and contact our trusted veterinarian.

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